The Points

Farm to Table in 10 days

"We take the utmost care in making sure that your first
taste of our Caviar is bursting with incredible flavor!"
Origin: Bulgaria
Type: Naturally & Sustainable Farmed, hand harvested and processed, all natural
Flavor: Fresh nutty taste, with a hint of sea breeze and lightly salted; a succulent experience for the senses
Size: Medium and unblemished
Color: Warm Brown to Green-Gray to Dark Blue to Jet Black, or even golden yellow
Species: Russian Sturgeon
(Acipenser Gueldenstaedstii)
Common Name: Ossetra, Osceitre, Assetra
Reccomended Refrigeration: 30/26F 0/-4C
Shelf Life: Properly Kept, Up to 6 Months
Packing: Original Tins with Rubber Band
500g, ~2Kg
Pricing: Please Contact us for Details